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Mette Pedersen is a Real Estate Specialist in the beautiful city of Victoria B.C., located on Vancouver Island off the West Coast of Canada.

Her excellent interpersonal skills and unique aptitude for listening and tuning in to every one of her clients’ requirements make Mette a popular choice of Realtor.
She is a sharp negotiator and has an ability to create rapport with clients based on trust and integrity.

Mette has a positive outlook on life and a passion to serve and help other people as well as an unlimited amount of energy and patience. She is pro-active in her work and offers individual personalized service, taking the time to educate and guide her clients step by step throughout the process of buying or selling in the real estate market.

Being multi-lingual (Mette is fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Danish) as well as having an extensive knowledge of different cultures, give her the ability to deal with a broad range of client backgrounds and personalities.

Mette will treat you with the same high level of attentiveness and dedication whether you are a first time buyer looking for a small condo or an experienced home owner wanting to buy or sell a luxury waterfront property.



“We met many Realtors who offered their services. Mette was the first one who really listened.” Irene and Steve Scott




“Although I knew you were extremely busy at the time I bought my townhouse, I felt I was your only client.” Susann Guest